Tips for Camera Flash Use

No matter what camera you have or what the situation is, a good knowledge of how a flash can change the look of you photos will definitely impact the quality of the photos that you take.  Most people think that the only time you need to use a flash is when it is dark.  But what they don’t know is that turning the flash on during times of bright light can also improve the quality of photos.

If you are using a camera in auto mode, on light days, the camera will not automatically fire the flash.   But sometimes it pays to question your camera’s judgment.  On days when the light is low but not dark, turning your flash on can result in a much better photo. The additional light provided by the flash will throw concentrated light on the subject of the photo and give it much more definition and brighter colours.

Bright sunny days tend to trick photographers and can be a difficult time to get a pleasing photo. Bright sunlight usually causes subjects’ faces to be completely dark while the rest of the photo is well lit. Turning your flash on in this case may seem counter-productive, but in fact, the flash on your camera can have the same effect as it does on a gloomy day.  The light from the flash will diminish the shadows and brighten the face of your subject and produce a photo that has even distribution of light.

Conversely, it doesn’t always pay to use a flash indoors.  When used in low light situations indoors a flash can put too much light on your subject causing them to look washed out and unnatural.  In this case, experiment with making the most out of natural light from windows and overhead lights and lamps and change the settings on the camera so the flash is turned off.

Remember these tips on flash use next time you are taking photos.  Visit Henry’s to buy camera equipment for all your photographic needs and more information on how to use your camera’s flash.

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