Raynox DCR 150 Review

Raynox DCR 150 Review

Raynox DCR 150 Review

The actual Raynox DCR-150 and it is stronger sibling Raynox DCR-250 Macro Connection tend to be click upon Macro diopters which boost the magnification of the regular zoom lens. These people each match possess a common attach which will cut onto any kind of zoom lens having a size associated with 52-67mm. The actual Raynox DCR-150 includes a magnification element of just one. 5X while the actual Raynox DCR-250 Macro Connection includes a magnification element associated with two. 5X. I’ll mainly end up being critiquing the actual Raynox DCR-150 with this evaluation nevertheless it is actually secure in order to presume that lots of associated with my personal remarks is going to be legitimate for that stronger Raynox DCR-250.

What’s Macro Pictures?

Accurate Macro inside a pictures feeling indicates 1: 1 magnification therefore basically this means when some thing is actually 5mm in dimensions it will seem because 5mm in your digital cameras sensor. The actual Raynox DCR-150 functions like a magnifier with regard to no matter what zoom lens you decide to use it, therefore it might or even might not reach 1: 1 magnification, nevertheless from close to ALL OF US $50 (February 2012) it’s a excellent inexpensive method of engaging in close-up pictures.

Simplicity of use

The actual Raynox DCR-150 simply videos on to the leading of the zoom lens, therefore for the reason that feeling it’s amazing easy to use. That doesn’t imply it’s simple, the actual DCR-150 is actually simpleness personified nevertheless it doesn’t help to make Macro Pictures simple. The largest trouble whenever operating really near along with big magnifications is actually that the Level associated with Concentrate is extremely short; which means that the quantity of the actual picture that’s pin number razor-sharp is extremely short. You can easily observe this particular within the picture We submitted over from the wasp looking at the actual digital camera, although the top as well as eye tend to be properly within concentrate the actual antennae quickly fall under the region associated with fluffy concentrate, this really is in a level associated with simply 7/8mm. This isn’t particular towards the Raynox DCR-150 simply videos on to the leading of the zoom lens, therefore for the reason that feeling it’s amazing easy to use. That doesn’t imply it’s simple, the actual DCR-150 this is a through item associated with Macro Pictures as well as lowering your own aperture dimension, that’s producing the actual F-Stop quantity larger a person improve your own level associated with area. This it’s still really short although which can make concentrating difficult harder, the actual DCR-150 comes with a benefit more than inexpensive expansion pipes that you simply purchase on multilple web sites although and that’s this keeps the digital cameras capability to car concentrate, even though industry is actually you have an additional bit of cup before your own zoom lens that will break down the actual picture high quality just a little. With that said as possible observe in the pictures I’ve submitted with this evaluation it’s effective at generating some good pictures, the actual picture beneath is actually extending the actual zoom lens in order to it’s optimum as well as i quickly needed to concentrate bunch 3 pictures to find the picture however it is definitely an picture associated with adequate high quality to satisfy the actual distribution requirements with regard to share pictures websites as well as market several as well.


One of the biggest facets of this kind of Macro Diopter is actually it’s flexibility, although I personally use my own upon a variety of contacts which i make use of upon my personal Cannon 450D DIGITAL SLR We bought this to make use of upon my personal cannon s3 link digital camera, actually in case your digital camera includes a take away contact lens having a size associated with 52mm-67mm after that this particular zoom lens is going to be run very contentedly trimmed towards the entrance. You need to do shed the possibility to concentrate in order to infinity however provided that it’s extremely easy to cut upon as well as cut from the entrance of the zoom lens you may be contentedly nipping aside in a wonderful scenery about a minute and also the following end up being upon just about all fours chasing after close to the ladybird within the lawn! Additional close-up filter systems need you to mess all of them into the line about the entrance of the zoom lens which may be hard on the chilly day time as well as certainly for those who have contacts along with various size you have to purchase possibly much more filter systems or even action lower bands, that once again is really a give up too much!

Tips and hints

Illumination quickly gets challenging whenever operating in a macro degree therefore for the reason that feeling this particular diopter isn’t any various, when you begin utilizing scaled-down apertures such as f16 hardly any gentle reaches the actual sensor from the digital camera therefore you’ll need a method to assist points together just a little. You’ve 3 choices:

Improve your own ISO that has the actual resulting impact associated with growing sound
Depart the actual shutter open up with regard to lengthier, therefore make use of a tripod
Include Expensive, watch out for utilizing which expensive on top of the digital camera it’s almost always junk
It’s my job to choose choice 3, I personally use an inexpensive guide expensive along with a few inexpensive Cellular Expensive Activates as well as try to rebound my personal Expensive away a bit of greeting card or perhaps a reflective Outdoor umbrella to prevent this becoming very therefore severe. However the picture from the planet within the drinking water droplet had been carried out within facilities problems and so i might get aside by having an 8 2nd publicity.


I’ve been deeply in love with this particular small point since We began utilizing it a few years back, certain I possibly could improve outcomes having a devoted Macro zoom lens or perhaps a group of Expansion pipes however all those arrive in a considerably more expensive. This particular point offers created lots of pictures which i ‘m really happy with as well as provided the truth that I’ve offered several pictures via share pictures shops it’s unquestionably created me personally more income compared to We taken care of this. I personally use this for any entire web host associated with pictures and not simply to obtain optimum magnification, occasionally I’d like which really short level associated with concentrate as well as my personal reduced contacts don’t provide also it functions miracles so you can get which tiny bit nearer to take pictures associated with meals. In the event that you are searching for an excellent enjoyable method of obtaining a bit nearer together with your pictures and also have whether link digital camera or even a good SLR CAMERA along with contacts of the size in between 52mm as well as 67mm after that for all of us $50 (February 2012) I can not think about an additional rival with this small jewel, what inexpensive as well as pictures hardly ever sit down nicely collectively however in this instance this definitely will!

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