PictureMate 500 Small-format Photo Printer – Review

PictureMate 500 Small-format Photo Printer - Review

PictureMate 500 Small-format Photo Printer - Review

Expert small-format pictures the simple method, having a small transportable picture inkjet printer approximately exactly the same dimension like a loaf associated with breads as well as designed just like a nuclear driven toaster! This can make photography simple as well as enjoyable for all your loved ones, actually the actual Home windows printing car owner is actually relatively easy. This really is virtually the actual swan-song for that as soon as profitable however irritating as well as time intensive industrial picture digesting marketplace.

The actual PictureMate 500 is actually promoted like a publishing item for just about any camera, this facilitates immediate publishing through PictBridge digital cameras, well-liked camera systems along with a pc is actually optionally available for many publishing duties, nevertheless it cannot perform complicated manipulations, for example red-colored attention decrease.

Somewhat more costly as well as 40% quicker compared to Epson’s unique PictureMate inkjet printer, this particular up-to-date design includes portability using the fashionable appear as well as well-designed performance associated with it’s forefather by having an enhanced menus program as well.

This acknowledges JPEG as well as uncompressed TIFF documents instantly, promises which range from eighty By eighty in order to 4600 By 4600, publishing from the digital camera, the memory, straight like a inkjet printer or even from the digital camera telephone by way of the actual optionally available Wireless bluetooth adapter (RRP £59. 99); I simply make use of my very own affordable adaptor.

The actual spectacular high quality is really why is this particular a great program, anything else is simply excellent, if you wish to observe any kind of minor up and down banding or even printer ink tiny droplets (defects available on just about all ink jet ink jet printers) you need to appear truly carefully, however in contrast to additional inkjet-based devoted picture ink jet printers designed to use the 3 color procedure, you receive expert small-format pictures not only picture size printouts.

This utilizes a unique archival 6 pigment (cyan, yellow-colored, green, dark, red-colored, as well as azure) as well as hi-gloss Mini Piezo ink jet technologies included inside a single-piece cartridge meaning the actual images tend to be associated with much better high quality as well as final 2 in order to 4 occasions lengthier compared to top manufacturers associated with ink jet dependent picture inkjet printer versions.

Borderless 4×6-inch (15cm by 10cm), publishing in a quality associated with 5, 760-by-1, 440DPI, requires a small below ninety mere seconds. The actual printing dimension is restricted in order to 6x4in also it images fairly gradually when compared with normal ink jet versions, however the images possess a ranked life-span associated with 104-years, instead of simply seventy five many years for that regular chemical substance procedure provided by industrial designers.

It’s managed through 12 order control keys spread close to the two. 4-inch color LCD (320×240 pixels), this instantly optimises every picture with regard to color as well as high quality which can make this particular inkjet printer the solid small individual picture laboratory.

In addition to a group of non-payments, it’s a variety of enjoyable results, for example including among sixteen structures, or even publishing within monochrome or even sepia shades. You may also move within upon, as well as turn, a particular region, popping all of those other picture out of your picture.

It’s LCD display is actually great since it enables easy procedure and never have to possess a PictBridge improved digital camera as well as becoming limited to while using camera’s show, exactly where a person possibly make use of the digital camera to manage publishing or even ‘mark’ all of the pictures in advance in the digital cameras user interface, that we discover irritating.

The cost for each picture competition conventional traditional digesting. Images price around 22p every, this might seem fairly higher, however it is very sensible when compared with additional devoted picture ink jet printers — particularly dye-sublimation versions.

Like a assessment, getting your own pictures in order to Tesco expenses 10p for each printing, however requires an hour or so whatever the quantity of pictures. My personal nearby Sava-centre cost 35p for each printing (5-colour procedure), however this particular requires regarding 50 mere seconds every;

Great factors:

1) Aggressive as well as economical, drinking water, smudge proof diminish free of charge, long lasting as well as expert small-format pictures within min’s in a quality as high as 5760 dpi. (vividness, pores and skin shades, particulars just about all great).

two) The actual affordable as well as handy consumable packages include cartridge as well as document for about 100 polished 10x15cm picture images comes inside a combination load up.

3) The actual 6 publishing colors tend to be included inside a single-piece cartridge.

four) PictBridge improved however doesn’t need any kind of particular systems aside from compatibility along with among the backed storage space press platforms.

5) Simple to use 3 action publishing procedure by having an user-friendly user interface as well as a better routing framework for that printer’s menus program.

6) Choosing just pictures about the storage space press depending on day associated with development.

7) Publishing as well as duplicating straight to/from CD-R/RW, SQUAT drive or even Expensive press.

8) A chance to instantly printing numerous picture dimensions such as passport size pictures (We have not however attemptedto make use of this function within frustration, however We observe absolutely no reason the actual passport workplace ought to decline the merchandise — the actual picture is actually your decision.: –)

9) The biggest feasible printing dimension is restricted in order to 6x4in, on the other hand you will find not one from the document dealing with difficulties related to several document dimensions.

Poor factors:

The only real damaging remarks I’ve are very shallow as well as it ought to be mentioned that people pc technology college students appear to possess a hereditary tendency with regard to useless trivialities!

Universal problems:

1) This includes 20 linens associated with picture document however the printer ink cartridge images 100 pictures. Since the document enter holder retains 20 linens, that’s just about all they provide, therefore purchase a good Epson PicturePack (Consists of Picture Cartridge as well as 100 picture document linens RRP £21. 50) or even a good 10 linen load up or even polished picture document (RRP £02. 50)!

two) The actual standard rechargeable electric battery isn’t incorporated (AAP £49. 99), I’d possess compensated a little more in the event that it had been. Alright, in the event that this particular was not becoming promoted like a transportable program after that good it’s a choice, however it is actually as well as maybe you have purchased the laptop computer with no electric battery? I’ve therefore not really situated the provider inside the uk which offers the actual optionally available electric battery.

3) Absolutely no HARDWARE cable television is roofed (RRP £2. 50), perhaps these people believe it’s unneeded, however they perform give you the pc motorists as well as maybe you have purchased the inkjet printer with no information cable television? I possibly could realize absolutely no electric batteries however absolutely no HARDWARE cable television?

Equipment problems:

1) Such as just about all picture ink jet printers I have utilized, it does not instantly resample pictures, the actual family member quality of the electronic picture (for example it’s complete result dimension) is actually somewhat bigger than the actual picture document therefore around 1. 5 cm round the border from the picture isn’t imprinted (observe that the region to become eliminated is actually pointed out with a edge whenever previewing pictures separately).

two) Press products cannot be utilized at the same time, not just a poor point however irritating because I’d like to create the printing operate through 3 storage credit cards after that leave for any espresso.

3) With respect to the character of the pictures, the actual printer ink cartridge may, below unique problems, just final for any small because regarding 20 photos. We frequently obtain 88-95 images for each cartridge, however We often perform my personal picture changes along with Fresh paint Store Professional prior to publishing or else darkish pictures

four) The actual include safeguarding the actual press greeting card slot machines is actually somewhat adynamic and not so strong,

5) In contrast to the actual press greeting card slot machines, there isn’t any include safeguarding the actual EXT/Print as well as SUBWOOFER plug-ins, additionally these types of plug-ins are very seriously recessed to the entire body therefore stopping utilization of much less small expensive press hard disks.

Publishing problems:

1) Whenever publishing pictures, the actual LCD display shows the entire linens to become imprinted and also the quantity leftover, I’d like details about the actual believed lapse or period leftover. It might additionally end up being good in the event that this shown the actual picture becoming imprinted like a history for that display (enjoy it will for that best degree menus display)..

two) In spite of any kind of statements through Epson, publishing occasions tend to be adjustable based on elements for example printer ink degree, intricacy from the work as well as picture quality. Whenever publishing categories of pictures time used averages away in order to regarding thirty seven mere seconds with regard to regular 5 megapixel images. Publishing four various Passport dimension pictures requires regarding 1 moment as well as sixty four mere seconds as well as catalog images (20 pictures for each linen) requires regarding 1 moment as well as 5 mere seconds (excluding printer ink getting period along with is all about 20 mere seconds).

3) The actual catalog look at doesn’t display the number of linens have to total the entire work, this really is usually 1 for each printing however regarding catalog, passport as well as dual platforms this isn’t accurate. These details is roofed whenever previewing pictures separately.

four) This might seem like the unusual problem however, aside from picture improvement becoming arranged in order to ‘off’ automatically, you will find absolutely no economic climate or even quality choices. You can state it is a picture inkjet printer, why produce ‘bad’ images? Nevertheless, We frequently wish to rapidly printing the ‘throw-away’ picture upon inexpensive document. You will get economic climate document why waste materials printer ink upon low quality document (as well as recalling the actual much less printer ink you utilize, the actual faster the procedure)?

5) Great pc car owner user interface, however doesn’t consist of all of the picture results & possibilities in the ink jet printers user interface. Observe that the actual web host programs indigenous publishing settings overrides crucial alignment, web page region as well as element percentage configurations that have to be by hand modified.

6) The actual examine choice from the pc user interface doesn’t permit modifications towards the configurations, you are able to just cancel. Even though this is not difficult, it’s somewhat irritating when the web host software doesn’t conserve the final utilized configurations which means you should after that begin once again in the default configurations.

Conversation Problems:

1) Pictures tend to be shown within climbing down alphabetic purchase based on the picture document titles, therefore pictures from the digital camera may appear to be shown within the purchase these were used, however this really is completely determined by the actual identifying exhibitions of the digital camera. This could appear quotation disorienting along with big quantities associated with pictures organized along with actual document titles.

Usually pictures tend to be called having a brief prefix after that a good incremental worth add up to the entire quantity of pictures used because it was initially utilized.

two) Popping pictures should be carried out individually, for example there isn’t any method to utilize popping in order to some selection of pictures, irritating because this could be necessary for categories of pictures and it is time intensive.

3) whenever publishing pictures along with structures, these people cannot be rotated and balanced or even cropped as well as there isn’t any examine whenever publishing pictures along with structures from the press greeting card, instead of the actual sixteen default structures exactly where there’s. What this means is the actual adjustment should be carried out somewhere else very first.

four) Following scrolling via some pictures after which publishing just one picture, the actual catalog examine results towards the very first picture within the arranged, not really in the prior placement, quotation disorienting along with big quantities associated with pictures.

5) Scrolling via some pictures can begin at the start or even in the finish from the team however the catalog look at might be better in the event that there is a method to ‘skip’ ahead as well as in reverse via every group of 9 pictures, along with scrolling ahead as well as in reverse with the pictures separately.

6) There isn’t any method to filtration system picture platforms, just about all JPEG as well as TIFF pictures tend to be proven, I’d like to pick that kinds tend to be shown. Additionally I’d like this to recognize any kind of ‘unpaintable’ pictures (for example as well big/small/wrong quality), rather than disregarding all of them.

Software program Problems:

1) The actual listing framework from the storage space press is actually overlooked through the examine as well as choice shows, for example just about all pictures tend to be arranged collectively no matter their own bodily area inside the storage space press.

The document explorer kind look at or even a few splitting up in between picture models will be good. Observe that the actual show could be categorized through day, however that isn’t very useful sufficient for any big amount of pictures.

two) The actual day & period seal of approval, color, dimension as well as placement aren’t configurable, irritating in the event that pictures occur to consist of yellow-colored, lemon or even red-colored within the botton correct region (based on alignment). There isn’t any structure for any two number 12 months and also the the majority of small structure is actually united states for example yyyy. mm. dd, (for example in reverse as well as complete cease (not really reduce) delimited)

3) With respect to the family member quality, picture previews aren’t produced immediately as well as at first create a low-res image about the LCD however refines rapidly — not really a actual concern however this is often time intensive in the event that scrolling via numerous examine shows buying picture.

four) There isn’t any supply in order to arrange or even change the actual pictures about the storage space press, because the listing framework is completely overlooked, however I’d like a chance to selectively remove organizations through day or even chosen pictures as well as a chance to structure the actual press, certainly this is often carried out in the digital camera however that isn’t usually feasible, We frequently discover somebody has had the actual press readers and also the digital camera is within make use of.


Despite the above mentioned trivialities, the actual Epson PictureMate 500 (PictureMate Luxurious in america) is definitely an remarkable item which anybody may use. RRP around £125. thirty-five, 256x154x167mm (two. 8kg).

I believe this is actually the least expensive, transportable picture inkjet printer program available on the market. Presently We provide this 9. 9/10 however I’d provide this 10/10 in the event that Epson might repair the actual routing as well as examine ‘issues’. We acknowledge chances are it wouldn’t end up being in a commercial sense practical in the event that all of the over ‘issues’ had been to become tackled; however the majority of might be very easily ‘fixed’ through producing fairly little modifications towards the firmware.

Container Material:

Epson PictureMate 500 Individual Picture Laboratory;

Energy Wires;

PictureMate Picture Cartridge;

PictureMate Picture Document — 20 linens;

Owner’s Manual Package: CD-ROM as well as Owner’s Guides;

Primary Functions:

Gentle along with simple have manage;

DC as well as optionally available lithium-ion electric batteries;

Optionally available Azure teeth printing adapter;

PictBridge improved procedure;

Not really conditional the PictBridge digital camera;

PIM & ExifPrint problem;

Lighting, vividness, sharpness modification;

Picture improve, turn, disturbance manage;

Show/Print catalog images;

Unique Functions:

Show/Print through day;

Publishing with/without edges;

Publishing two pictures for each linen with/without edges;

Publishing dark & whitened, sepia sculpt (old-fashioned appear);

Publishing with/without period & Day seal of approval (lemon);

Electronic move (popping);

Look at storage press like a slip display;

Backed storage space press platforms:

CompactFlash Greeting card;

Storage Stay;

Safe Electronic Greeting card;

SmartMedia Greeting card;

xD Image Greeting card;

Storage Stay Professional;



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