Photographing Babies for Beginners

Almost all parents love to photo their babies. They are so cute and cuddly that parents can’t help but want to preserve their adorable look for ever. If you have decided you want to photograph your own baby, there are several things you can do to make sure the shots are what you want. Here are a few suggestions for beginner baby photographers to help the experience go as well as possible and get your desired pictures.

The first thing you want to do before you even pick up a camera is to determine what your goals and objectives are for taking these pictures. Are you taking them for an album to record their growth and changes? Are you taking the print to use as a holiday card or just send out to family and friends? Or do you have some other objective in mind. Your goals will help you make other decisions about the picture as you go along.

After determining your goals then you need to decide what the theme of the photo will be. You need to decide if you will use a seasonal theme, a sports theme, a princess theme, or a family theme. If it’s the family theme, maybe using clothes that have been made by family members or worn by previous children. It may mean highlighting blankets or quilts made by a family member.

You need to also decide what you are going to use for a background. Just using your furniture doesn’t make a very good photograph unless you live in a museum. You may want to use a hand made blanket or quilt as a background or a velvet bedspread. Depending on the season, and your goals, you may want to take outdoor photographs and use a park for a background.

Photographs of babies may be just headshots showing all the details of those cute little faces. They may also be full body shots to show off clothes or those delightful little toes. Either way, you’ll want a smile and getting a baby to smile can be the most fun part as well as getting the photograph.

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