Mastering the Technique for a Perfect Photo in the Rain

Rain photography is one of the most artful and beautiful activities you can participate in with a camera. However, the technique is pretty difficult to get right and it might take you a while before you are able to take a picture in the rain properly. Even so, we have a few tips for you which might prove to be useful to you on your way towards becoming a distinguished rain photographer.

1. Don’t do it without a camera raincoat

The raincoat is a vital piece of equipment for rain photography. There are countless models out there on the market, both cheap and expensive, so finding one right for your camera will not be difficult. The problem here might be having it on you when it starts to rain. You never can tell when the opportunity for a good shot might come up, but you should not attempt rain photography without a raincoat. The chances of getting a really good photo are not worth the risk of damaging your camera.

2. Use reflections

Unless the rain is pouring straight down, it can be rather difficult to capture it on camera. That is why most pictures use visual enhancements which show the rain and the effect it has on normal landscapes. Reflections of streets, sidewalks or buildings caught in the rain often result in the most beautiful shots of all.

3. Use a little flash

Flash is not recommended for rain photography as it will produce too much light for the raindrops to look good. However, just a tiny flash can add an extra pop to the raindrops and make them more distinguished. This technique might need a little experimentation until you get it right.

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