It’s All About Wallpapers

Wallpapers are the most prominent option these days when it comes to remodeling the walls. Getting a fresh coat of paint seems apparently cheaper than applying wallpapers but the durability quotient of the wallpaper make it a smarter investment. Here you don’t have to get a fresh wallpaper after every 5-6 years which is probable with paints. Wallpapers are compatible with any of your room décor whether you are planning a remodel for your den or living room or dining space or study centre or bedroom.

There are different types of wallpapers to pick from. You have the pre-pasted wallpapers which arrive with an adhesive coat behind the paper so that you can readily apply it on your wall just after delivery. However, simply pass the wallpaper through water to reactivate the adhesive coat. Then, there are vinyl wallpapers and vinyl coated wallpapers. The vinyl wallpapers are purely made from vinyl material that is laminated with a linen or paper backing. The vinyl wallpapers are easily washable as well as simple to clean and you can apply it on the service areas. The vinyl coated options are the wallpapers with an acrylic or vinyl coating on the face. Both the finishes are extremely hard-wearing.

Besides, there are duplex and Anaglypta wallpapers. When it comes to duplex wallpaper you are getting two paper sheets laminated or bonded together. The Anaglypta is an advanced form of duplex wallpaper. These wallpapers are heavily embossed duplex wallpapers and have to be painted post fixation. You can use the Anaglypta wallpapers on walls as well as ceilings –however, Anaglypta option isn’t recommended for the service areas.

You will also find wallpaper with hessian or satin effect. The Hessian wallpapers have closely woven jute or hemp stuck to heavy paper back. The satin options come with a beautiful lustre from glazing or polishing on the wallpaper design background. If you want something gaudy, there are the flock wallpapers presenting a luxury velvet feel which comes from dusting the powdered silk, flock or wool on some tacky patterned paper surface.

The good bit about the wallpapers is that, these wall stickers are available in a wide range of textures, effects and designs. You have the wallpapers with intricate traditional theme for your bedroom, cutlery themed wallpapers for your kitchen or dining space, beautiful butterfly or floral themed wallpapers for the drawing space. You will also find the wallpapers in several other options like animal patterns, retro themes, gothic textures etc.

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