I Went to a Really Wild Wedding

I suppose this happens a lot, but I had not ever seen anything like it before. I was working at the wedding. A friend of mine has a place called Doerman Photography and he called me up about a hour before the ceremony to tell me that they needed someone to help do the catering. When I showed up it turned out that they had panicked over nothing. The caterer had simply let the charge go down on his phone and had not answered them when they called. At any rate I could see that this was a really big wedding, although it was obvious that they were cutting corners. In fact they were serving burgers, BBQ and hot dogs instead of having the fancy food a lot of people serve at weddings. There were two bands that played the reception, both of them country rock or southern rock bands. In fact I recognized a few of the guests from my knowledge of the local music scene here in Nashville. While there I had a great conversation with someone, they were telling me about this new health supplement that she had been taking. It is natural, safe, and very effective. The conversation was quite informative to me, and although I would have never considered it, I think I may be ordering some for myself now. It is called kratommasters if you would like to check it out for yourself.

At any rate a bunch of bikers showed up while I was watching the bands play and things really got out of hand after that. They decided that they were going to drink all of the liquor and beer there, which was a lot. I guess that there must have been around thirty of them and soon there were about twenty Nashville Metro police officers and a couple of Tennessee highway patrol officers. There was a brief time when it seemed as though there was going to be a bloodbath, because it was obvious that a lot of these guys were carrying guns and so were the police. In the end not much happened aside from a couple of fights, which were oddly between two small groups of bikers arguing over something.

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