Boxing Day Need-To-Knows At Canada’s Favourite Camera Store

Each and every year, you’re so caught up in the swing of Christmas, making sure you have presents for everyone while preparing your body for the eating extravaganza that will be every family dinner, that you forget about one crucial day within the holiday season that’s sandwiched between Xmas and New Year’s. I am of course talking about the mega-shopping event that is Boxing Day/Week.

There is no rest for the wicked, otherwise known as the modern consumer, because once Christmas is over, you better be ready for what is traditionally the day with the biggest savings in the calendar year. Black Friday is slowly creeping in on that title, but for now, Boxing Day (and the following week of savings) still reigns supreme, so make sure you’re in the know on the sales going on at your favourite stores, and for any photography fans reading, that will be Henry’s.

Like most participating vendors, Henry’s will launch its own Boxing Week sale in-store on Friday, December 26th. Certain Henry’s locations will be closed on Boxing Day, with all those open operating on special holiday hours. Head here for all the details on the store nearest you.

One very important piece of information to note is, while the in-store sale will begin on Boxing Day, you can get servings a couple of days in advance at Henry’s, as the online Boxing Day/Week sale will begin at 11pm EDT on Wednesday, December 24th. Take time for yourself on Christmas Eve and capitalize on major savings on Digital SLR cameras, smartphones, and so much more, because while Christmas is about giving to everyone else, Boxing Day/Week is all about you.

The exact details on what will be on sale during Henry’s Boxing Week sale is as of yet unknown, though you can subscribe to the mailing list here to be the first to know. Hopefully savings will extend across all products, including Henry’s offered photography courses, but you won’t really know ’til the details are dropped.

Get all the information you will need about Henry’s Boxing Day sales by heading to the official website listing here.

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