6 Reasons to have an Engagement Shoot

Getting married is an extremely exciting time for couples, you’ve both expressed your love for each other and now plan to get married and spend the rest of your lives together. An engagement session can be a great way to capture this emotion with images of those memories to last a lifetime! The lead up to your wedding day can be very busy with lots to plan; invites, vendors, photographers, flowers and much more, so try to book your shoot as soon as you decide upon your photographer and not weeks before your wedding. This way it won’t seem like one more thing to tick off your list!

Why is it so important? Yes I know you will be having a couple shoot on your wedding day, but usually these only last for around 20 minutes before you need to get back to your guests and begin your wedding breakfast. This doesn’t allow you a lot of time to relax and get the most out of your shoot. Here are a few reasons why organising an engagement session can be very beneficial:

1) A romantic shoot in a beautiful setting that is of significance to your relationship will give you a chance to get used to being in front of the camera, making for more natural pictures that accurately convey your feelings for each other. It’s a great practice run for the big event and this is especially important if either you or your partner are camera shy. Some people can become very awkward when having their picture taken and this will be evident in the photos. Once you feel more confident and comfortable your photographer will be able to capture natural photos.

2) You will get to know your wedding photographer and how they operate. They can also tailor make the shoot to suit your individual personalities so be creative, bringing different props and outfits to really make the shoot your own. You may like to go with a sensual and romantic style or perhaps you’d prefer to be more fun and quirky. By being receptive and open to ideas you will discover what you like.

3) Perhaps you can tie your engagement shoot in with your hair and make-up trial to see how well it will look in the photos on your big day.

4) Its an exciting way to celebrate your engagement and the love you have for one another. This is a special time that you can look back on in years to come with great images.

5) You can use a photo from the shoot for your “save the date” cards or even a coffee table album for members of your family.

6) Most importantly the shoot focuses solely on you. On your big day your photographer will also be capturing your venue, guests and finer details so there will be plenty of distractions and other elements for them to capture.

You will inevitably get more out of your couple shoot on your wedding day if you have an engagement shoot so take the opportunity to be photographed by a professional and embrace it!

Article By Murray Clarke

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